A Matter Of Taste

It really doesn’t matter how you prefer to enjoy your wine at Amy Hamage’s Colony Wine Bar, since it has practically everything going for it.

First is the location in the new, ultra-with-it Grandscape real estate development. The unique 400-acre, mixed-use project ultimately will offer 3.9 million square feet of retail, entertainment, residential, dining and a 5,000-person capacity concert center.

Second, The Colony Wine Bar is already one of the early favorites. It provides premium counter service where you can sip wine from a glass, buy it by the bottle, or take some of the house favorites from a can – with a straw if you prefer. One five-star reviewer wrote: “I never would have imagined wine could taste so good out of a can.” Another wrote: “Such an amazing experience…I cannot say enough great things about this place!”

Shelves are stocked with a wide variety of wines from around the world. There are the classics, the old standbys, and the new discoveries. If you like, there is also a knowledgeable team who is more than happy to guide you through some of the more in-depth complexities of wine. Or, if you want, just sit and sip and have fun with the other patrons.

The Colony Wine Bar’s selection also includes beer and non-alcoholic beverages. Finally, they frequently showcase special events such as wine tasting, wine education, and music. There are even more event perks and special club-only gatherings for Loyalty Club Members.

www.TheColonyWineBar.com | 5768 Grandscape Blvd., Ste. 145 The Colony, TX 75056