An Order Of Sass & Scones Please!

Jasmine “Jazzy” Cuchens has fond early childhood memories of playing with her kitchen playset, taking orders, serving up coffee and waffles, and using Playdoh to create an array of baked goodies. This past summer, the 9-year-old turned her longtime interest into a successful business in the middle of a global pandemic.

Her entrepreneurship began in July, when she reached a new level of boredom while sheltering in place. She stumbled upon a box of shortcake mix in the kitchen and asked her parents if she could make them by herself. She noticed the recipe seemed rather dull, so she decided to add some chocolate chips to jazz them up. The consistency resembled scones rather than shortcake, but after her family raved about how delicious they were, Jazzy came up with the idea of starting her own business, Jazzy’s Sassy Scones.

The business name is sure to make anyone smile. “When I bake the scones, I put a little personality in,” Jazzy says. “One of my personality traits is sassy.”

In launching her business, Jazzy and her parents came up with summer-themed scone flavors: chippy chocolate, white chocolate strawberry, and lemon blueberry. “Chippy chocolate was my favorite, but my dad tells me white chocolate strawberry was our best seller,” says Jazzy.

Weekends are typically for rest and relaxation, but not for Jazzy. She has a busy schedule, but she has it down pat. Each Saturday at 6 a.m., Jazzy can be found baking in the kitchen with her dad. Around 9 a.m., she and her mom begin boxing the scones and getting the counter ready for customer pick-up. Customers can swing by and pick up their orders between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., which is Jazzy’s favorite part of it all. “I love to greet the customers and see their reactions!”

unnamed Although each member of the family has a role in helping the business run smoothly, Jazzy is definitely the driving force and holds the “Girl Boss” title to keep the business moving forward. Dad is the head chef, Mom manages their marketing and social media presence, and one of her older brothers assists customers during their two-hour pick-up window. Her other brother utilizes his prior AV Club skills in filming Jazzy’s unboxing videos for other baking companies that have subscription boxes—Kidstir, Kids Baking Club, and Raddish Kids, are just to name a few.

The results are impressive, and they speak for themselves. Approximately 10 weeks after the creation of her business, Jazzy took the national spotlight on “Good Morning America” via a Zoom interview and was delighted when they told her she was being gifted a large assortment of bake ware courtesy of KitchenAid. Two months into the start of her business, Jazzy began to further promote her brand by bringing her scones and merchandise to several pop-up events around North Texas, all of which have been incredibly successful. At five months, Jazzy’s Sassy Scones reached over $6,000 in sales.

Jazzy and her parents are always collaborating and coming up with new seasonal flavor ideas. In September, they unveiled their line of fall flavors: pumpkin spice, cinnamon chippy, and cranberry orange. For Halloween, they launched a limited-edition of Spooky Scones, which was a delicious concoction of butterscotch mixed with mini chocolate chips and Heath topping. Winter holiday flavors recently launched in November, and
they consist of: eggnog, chippy hot cocoa, and gingerbread.

They can ship all over the United States, and the scones are able to stay fresh because they are dairy-free. Included in her line of merchandise is a Junior Baker Kit, which consists of a metal mixing bowl, apron, scone mix, chocolate chippies, sugar sprinkles, recipe card, spoon and spatula, and baker’s bag and seal—all for $25! Kids of all ages can make Jazzy’s signature scones right in their own kitchen and get a taste of what it is like to be a real junior baker.

Jazzy’s confidence is not just limited to the kitchen. Her entrepreneurial spirit has also allowed her to see, first-hand, how revenue and expenses affect the overall profit of her business. Such topics would normally inflict yawns on kids her age, but Jazzy takes an interest in handling the behind-the-scenes business operations.

Like any great baker, her plans don’t just stop at Jazzy’s Sassy Scones. Her long-term goals include owning a tiny house bakery on wheels so she can share her baking talents with those across the country.

Jazzy’s journey has only just begun.

photos courtesy of The Cuchen’s Family