Brawley Farms Unsurpassed Equestrian Services

As you approach Brawley Farms from the road, the picturesque sight of more than 17 acres of lush pastures and scenic trails comes into view. A few feet into the driveway stands an impressive iron gate adorned with the Brawley Farms family crest of a unicorn proudly strutting inside a shield. It’s a crest that has been in the Brawley family for two generations.

Owner Bob Brawley calls the farm a “little piece of heaven,” and most locals agree. Located in Double Oak, across the street from Lantana and five minutes from Highland Village-Flower Mound, Brawley Farms is a top-of-the-line, world-class equestrian facility.

Once past the gates and inside, you fully capture the splendor of the grounds. The glistening lake is now visible, as is the stable with its substantial turnout paddocks and outside derby field. A large covered arena is accessible to the barn. Attached to that arena you’ll find a comfortable observation lounge where guests may sit on leather couches, drink a beverage, watch TV, and observe the horses and riders in the arena.

Brawley Farms currently houses 38 horses in unsurpassed accommodations. Most of the horses actively compete nationwide as hunters or jumpers, with a small group of lesson horses for those who do not own their own horse. Lessons are available for all ages, from beginner to intermediate riders.

inside option 3 What defines Brawley Farms is that they offer an exceptional full-service show and training program catering to the needs of both horses and riders of any skill level. Their trainers focus on developing horses and riders to excel at the highest level in hunters (where you are judged on the horse’s movement and style), jumpers (a timed event over jumps), and equitation (judged on the rider’s style and position).

The Brawley name is both widely known and respected across the country and abroad. Bob Brawley has been riding horses all his life. This includes being on the hunter jumper circuit for more than 30 years, earning recognition for both his quality horsemanship and dedication to detail. His two assistants, Morgan Knochel and Christina Schweir, have been trainers at Brawley Farms for four and five years, respectively. Having worked together so closely and intensely, they think alike, and their passion for the business is equally strong.

All of the show horses on the farm are housed in large, well-lit stalls with automatic waterers and receive top-of-the-line nutrition daily. Their routine includes specialized training programs that develop muscle and also work on jumping technique. “These horses are so well taken care of,” said Morgan. “They are treated like professional athletes, because they are.”

Another service Brawley Farms offers is finding horses and ponies for clients to purchase or lease. They take great care in matching personalities and goals so that each partnership between horse and rider is successful. Using a vast network of connections across the country and in Europe, the Brawley team goes above and beyond to match clients with horses that will help them reach their goals and exceed their expectations.

The equipment and observation rooms are brimming with ribbons won from competitions held around the country and competition photos of employees and clients alike in various stages of performances with their champion horses. The trainers compete nationally, traveling on the road about 25 weeks out of the year (including all summer) to various competitive horse shows across the country. They often earn national awards at the end of the year, which is a big return on their dedication.

There aren’t many equestrian facilities providing excellence in such a comprehensive and caring way, and with as many years of experience as Brawley Farms. An equestrian’s dream, right here in your own backyard.

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photos courtesy of Brawley Farms