Come As A Client & Leave As A Friend

A lot of people looking for residential property in the DFW Metroplex began hearing a slogan five years ago. It told them to “come in as a client and to leave as a friend.” They investigated, and learned the words came from Lori Jacobson’s DFW Legacy Group, a real estate firm in Roanoke that provides a highly trained, service-focused group of 28 agents in the residential field.

Lori is smart. She’s sincere. She holds all things family at the core of her value system. She truly enjoys seeing other people do well, make money, and be happy. She, her husband, Chad, and their four children have done quite well in all three categories. She wants to help others do the same and to give back to her community in any way she can.

Lori is totally responsible for the creation of DFW Legacy. Nothing was handed to her. Her mother was out of the picture, so it was Lori’s grandmother who took her, as an infant, home from the hospital a few days after her birth. Her father was later killed when she was three, making Lori the sole responsibility of her grandmother — whom she’s always referred to as “Mom.”

157A0271 “My mom was in real estate,” she explained. “She was a tremendous organizer and a natural nurturer. She treated the agents like her own family, and they adored her. She was recognized as a top agent in San Antonio, which is where I was born and grew up. I worked for her while I was in high school and was able to get my license in 2007.”

For Lori, just the word “family” is magical — not to mention warm and fuzzy. As far as she’s concerned, everyone needs, wants, and deserves a family. That’s why she used the word “legacy” in her company’s name since, as a rule, a legacy is developed and nurtured by and within a family.

“We moved from San Antonio to the Roanoke area in 2008,” Lori said.“I had traveled very little. I’d never even been on a tollway. I made my way back into the business in 2011 and got my broker’s license. That was a very important step because I promised my mom I’d get it. Then I started driving and learning my way around.”

It’s a good thing she didn’t delay in getting her physical bearings because DFW Legacy Group opened five years ago with four agents. The business began coming in right away.

“A lot of my agents/staff were friends or former clients. I love meeting new people, and I love my agents. We have big client events. I take the agents on trips. I want to spoil them, to make them feel like family, and to make them feel proud of being a part of DFW Legacy. That encourages them to push through challenges and feel comfortable reaching out for help when they need it.”

Lori has reached a point in her career where she no longer beats the bushes for clients, and with multiple awards earned in 2020, such as: D Magazine
Best Realtor & Top Producer, LifeIn 76262 & 76226 Magazine “Best Realtor”, Real Producers North DFW Top 100 Producers, and America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents Top 1%; no wonder most of her clientele are repeats or referrals. Only 30-percent of her business is in new construction.

“Houses sell fast,” said Lori. “I’ve moved more into the luxury market and, to tell you honestly, I don’t see the market slowing down in 2021. Many, many people are moving to Texas from California and Colorado. Also, we had no negative effects from COVID. This was an extremely good year for us and, as I said, I see no reason to anticipate anything less going forward.”

Addison, Lori’s daughter, is following in her mom’s real estate footsteps. She’s planning on adding to the legacy for Legacy by extending it to embrace three generations of family. That, for Lori, is ideal.

photos courtesy of Lori Jacobson