Developing Creative Minds

At the age of eight, Anita Robbins believed her favorite uncle when he told her that she was an artist. Years later, with over 15 years of experience as a professional artist, she is bringing the benefits of art education to our community in hopes of inspiring others.

Marty and Anita Robbins own and operate Art House of Highland Village, with two other locations in Flower Mound and Southlake. Their passion is to nurture curiosity and talent by focusing on the importance of artistic development. 

Their certified instructors, including Anita, are passionate about teaching art history, elements of design, and helping to prepare students for a future in art. 

The value of an art education goes way beyond being a studio artist, and it can lead to a profession in many different industries, including fashion, video game, interior, floral, or graphic design, video editing for film or TV, architecture, animation and illustration, and even medical prosthetics and forensics. 

As a family business, Marty and Anita are providing a personalized experience for the community they love. Art House is a desired outlet for those looking to cultivate their talents and for those wanting to explore the world of art. 

“Everyone has a creative mind. We help bring that out” Marty said. “We encourage fun with a purpose.” 

Art House offers a wide range of classes year-round for all ages and abilities and will continue to offer interactive adult classes via Skype. From oil painting and watercolor to anime, expressive art, cartooning, digital art, handlettering, and storyboards, there is a class for everyone.  

“The Art House is for anybody,” Anita said. “It is good for everyone to have their creative side stimulated.”

Marty and Anita have taken great care in reopening their facility and will adhere to all rules during this historic time. 

214.285.0084 | | Locations: Highland Village Southlake • Flower Mound