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Explore New Frontiers On A Idaho Road Trip

It’s hard to comprehend that one state could have such a diverse and spectacular landscape. Well, Idaho definitely does, and we have enjoyed seeing many of these sites on “Our COVID Getaway” Idaho Road Trip!

Twin Falls – It was here saw the old Oregon Trail. I have no idea how the pioneers crossed the Snake River Canyon, but today there is the massive 1,500-foot Perrine Bridge. We actually walked across it on the pedestrian walkway. It’s definitely not for those with a fear of heights!

Shoshone Falls – So many people have never heard of this “Niagara of the West.” These falls are actually 52 feet higher than Niagara and are 1,000 feet wide.

Ketchum/Sun Valley – This is a great area. It’s even where the ski chair lift was invented. Many celebrities live here part-time. The vibe and architecture is quaint, yet very upscale.

Stanley – Redfish Lake is near the rustic downtown Stanley. It’s a glacier lake and sits at an elevation of 6,550 feet with sandy beaches and blue-green pristine water. It’s postcard perfect!

McCall – This charming town is built around the mountain-ringed Payette Lake and is near Ponderosa State Park that is a 1,000 acre stunning peninsula jutting into the lake. We spent our time at Shore Lodge. Our favorite activity here was kayaking. We also enjoyed patio dining overlooking this magnificent lake.

Everywhere in Idaho, you will discover a postcard-perfect moment! It’s truly a wonderful destination for an unforgettable road trip.