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Leatherwood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry holds themselves to a higher standard to deliver high quality beautiful restorations that are biologically compatible in an infection free zone. Dr. Samantha Leatherwood, D.M.D. and her team believe everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile that makes their spirit shine through.

Graduating from the Goldman School of Dental Medicine at Boston University and completing a residency at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, she was introduced to a comprehensive approach to dentistry.

“I bounced around the coasts to get a feel for different philosophies and to be exposed to as much as I could,” Dr. Leatherwood said.

That exposure and the influence from her stepmother, who is also a dentist, helped define the kind of practice she wanted for her patients — a small private practice with a continuity of care.

“I was very fortunate having a stepmother who is really good at what she does and having strong mentors,” Dr. Leatherwood said. “It made all the difference in the world.”

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Dr. Leatherwood and her staff are focused on building a solid foundation through comprehensive dentistry — meaning they want the most pristine oral environment for their patients by improving functionality and overall health by lowering the overall systemic risk by eliminating oral disease.

“We look at it systemically. We can’t cherry pick one or two teeth because we look at how they all function together,” Dr. Leatherwood said. “I focus on beautiful restorations that are biologically compatible and will last you as long as possible.”

Every smile is different and requires unique protocols to save teeth. Concentrating on using biological compatible materials helps reduce future reactions.

“We focus on ceramic dentistry,” Dr. Leatherwood said. “We try to eliminate metal as much as possible because there are so many people who have sensitivities.”

Dr. Leatherwood added, “We do a sterilization process that is a lot different than what most patients are used to. It lowers the sensitivity, it makes the restoration last longer, and it lowers the chance of them needing any further treatment on that tooth.”

The 3-step process to sterilize the tooth is to confirm nothing is growing underneath the restorations and to ensure it is as solid as it can be.

“We want to make sure the investment you’re making will last you as long as possible,” Dr. Leatherwood said. “We can’t compromise on the outcome.”

This level of care is what sets Leatherwood Dentistry apart from the rest. Their diligence in customizing a treatment plan that will fit your budget, your needs, and your wants has led them to acquire a loyal following.

“The nature of what we do is incredibly intimate. It is really delicate to ask someone to trust me,” Dr. Leatherwood said. “We work hard to have strong relationships with our patients and we are really fortunate to have ones that are so supportive and encouraging.”

Dedication to the patient is a primary focus for Dr. Leatherwood and her staff. Over the past few years, she had the opportunity to build a strong team. From the first phone call and first appointment to the end of treatment, you are treated with the highest level of care.

Leslie is the practice’s office manager and is the friendly face customers can expect to see up front. Angela handles insurance and Payton is their clinical assistant. Jackie is the dental hygienist. They are completely focused on providing a memorable experience.

“It is great to be on this journey with them. They believe in what we are doing,” Dr. Leatherwood said. “They see the difference we are making for the patients.”

That difference is confidence. Dr. Leatherwood rebuilds teeth based on facially driven smiles. She figures out where the smile goes on the face and then works backward- giving each patient a beautiful healthy smile they deserve.

“Meeting people who don’t smile and being able to restore that for them is such a huge honor,” Dr. Leatherwood said.

As a Denton native, Dr. Samantha Leatherwood is grateful to be caring for the community that raised her and for the opportunity to give back.

photos courtesy of Your Candid Memories (YourCandidMemories.com)

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