Glitter: How To Incorporate This Year’s Leading Makeup Trend

Glitter is making a comeback this year. From highlighting products to eyeshadows, you’ve probably noticed glitzy products adorning your favorite makeup aisle. Many women associate glitter with images of teenagers just starting out in their makeup journeys. However, you can pull off this trend at any age and virtually any occasion with the right techniques. Learn how to incorporate shimmering hues into your day-to-day routine below.


Loose glitter may be captivating but is best left on the store shelf. This is because it lacks an adhesive component that enables it to stick to the skin. As a result, you would need to mix it with a medium prior to applying it, making it both messy and time-consuming. Instead, reach for cream products containing glitter which are not only easy to apply but also long-lasting.


If you are a fan of matte eyeshadow or lipstick, try brightening up your look with a glitter eyeliner, lip topper, or multipurpose cream stick. Apply it sparingly along your top lash line to accentuate your eyes or top your favorite lip color with a glitter-infused topper or gloss to highlight your lips. Avoid overdoing it by choosing one feature to add a little sparkle too and leaving the rest of your look matte.


Highlighting products containing multidimensional glitter are not only eyecatching but also draw attention to your cheekbones. It’s best to reach for a liquid or cream highlighter containing medium to large flecks of glitter instead of powder formulas, which tend to look messy after a brief period of wear. Apply a small amount using a tapered contouring brush or petite sponge to make your cheekbones pop without overdoing it.

If you’ve been avoiding glitter due to work or other obligations, you can rest assured knowing that it can be easily incorporated into your look with these tips. Put this trend to the test by getting started today.