Holiday Confessions

I have a confession to make.

My husband put up our Christmas lights BEFORE Thanksgiving.

I have another confession.

I asked him to put them up in July, so technically he’s late. Ha!

This year has been such a roller coaster. I think everyone is ready for the joy that comes with the holiday season: the lights, the music, the kindness — all of it. My neighborhood has been lit up since before the turkey feast, and we drive around nightly looking at all of the twinkling lights. I don’t know what it is, but the lights create an emotional reaction in me, probably most people, and I love people even more during Christmastime.

The Christmas season has come early this year, and I think we deserve it. Radio stations have been playing Christmas music for weeks, and I am not upset about it. There is a Christmas music channel on our TV that I turn to daily while I rock the twins during nap time.  My home smells like sugar cookies, and life just seems a bit sweeter, even if it’s only temporary.

One night as we sat at the dinner table — Home Alone playing in the background — my mother-in-law asked if there was a memory of Christmas we always thought about this time of year. We went around the table reminiscing. It isn’t much but for me, snuggled up on the couch in soft jammies with my younger brother and parents watching a holiday movie brings a smile to my face. We were together surrounded by love and comfort, and that is my favorite part of this season. The coziness.

I invite us all to bring that warm, fuzzy feeling of the holidays into the new year. What are some of your holiday childhood memories? We’d love to hear about them. Send us your Santa photos, too!

Brooke Ezzo