In The Trenches With You

It’s time for another Friday morning networking meeting. Phillip Herr walks to the front of the room, turns around, and sees roughly 40 faces staring back at him as he readies to pitch the benefits of his family law firm — in 30 seconds or less. Most people might be a little nervous standing in front of so many people, and if you didn’t know Herr, who is clean-cut and dressed in the same suit and tie he’ll wear to court later that day, you’d think he might be a little dry in his approach.

But then he grabs a guitar, and just like that, he takes total command of the room.

Monday, we can talk to you. …

Tuesday, Wednesday, we file your lawsuit. …

Thursday, argue your case for you. …

It’s Friday. Justice for you!

Herr admits that it is unlikely that a lawsuit can be resolved in one week. Herr — who in several networking circles has become known as The Singing Lawyer — also has another ditty that draws inspiration from the 1960s band America. While the song bit is a winner at networking meetings, Phillip Herr is far from a one-hit-wonder.

For starters, he has experience from both sides of the bench as a former Associate Judge. Herr presided as the Associate Judge for Title IV-D Court #35, which served seven counties in the area. “Serving as an Associate Judge gave me judicial insight into deciding issues of conservatorship, child custody, child support, and enforcement of child support. I feel that I now have a better insight of what Courts are looking for in those cases.” 

A legal veteran of 16 years, Herr obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in economics.  Later, he earned his law degree from South Texas College of Law in Houston. He is a trial-tested family law attorney at the Law Office of Phillip M. Herr, PLLC in Flower Mound. He’s fluent in Spanish and spent a nine-month tour of duty in Bosnia-Herzegovina during Operation Joint Guard, where he was awarded two service medals (he has a total of six medals). 

All of that, and yes, even his ability to disarm an audience through song, makes him the experienced and compassionate attorney you want in the trenches with you when your life turns upside down and you need a glimmer of hope. Nothing is too complex, whether it’s divorce, child support, adoption, or custody modification. The Law Office of Phillip M. Herr, PLLC also works vigorously for clients in the areas of estate planning and business law. 

“I’ve been playing the guitar for, gosh, 30 years! And my musical tastes vary across the board,” Herr said with a laugh. He and his wife, Dr. Jackie Davis-Herr, a local obstetrician and gynecologist, have lived in Lantana for fourteen years. They have two children. “But I have to give credit to Jackie. She helps me tweak the songs. Sometimes, my kids will recite them, too.”

“At the end of the day, if I can provide a client hope, that’s the real blessing. Because when someone is going through a divorce or child custody, it’s a lot to handle alone,” Herr said. “I’ve heard people describe divorce as the ripping apart of two souls, and the emotional torment that you go through, along with the financial impact, can be significant. You see the impact these cases have on families, and it’s heartbreaking.”

Herr should know. His parents divorced when he was young, forcing him to experience first-hand what it’s like to have everything you know change in the blink of an eye. But he never gave up hope that he could make it through, which is in part how he’s able to offer the same positive outlook for his clients. Herr uses his experience on both sides of the courtroom to his clients’ advantage, implementing proven negotiation and litigation strategies that work. 

“I think that’s what helped me develop the armor to go through this with people,” he said. “It was a calling, to a certain extent, and given all those life experiences — Bosnia, being an Associate Judge, a trial lawyer — having that skillset helps people who really need it. I’m able to look at things a bit differently, and I think that distinguishes me.”

That, and he knows how to pop off a few killer tunes with that guitar.

“Who are you going to hire when your world is on fire?” Herr says with a smile. “Call Phillip Herr. He’s the lawyer who cares. Business law to family law, we’ve got it all except criminal law. Give us a call today; don’t delay. Phillip Herr, the lawyer who cares. Those are the lyrics.”

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