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Landscape Renovations Where do you Start?

These are crazy times we are living in! We hope this month’s article finds everyone well and trying to rebound from all the Corona craziness. I think the last month or two have really allowed people to take a look at their homes inside and out – evaluating what needs to be done, contemplating ideas, and even working through the design and start to build process. If you’ve come to the realization that it’s time to upgrade your patio and living space, here are a few thoughts that might help answer some of the initial questions or address some of the key thoughts that can sometimes be overwhelming when starting the design process.

Are we looking for a covered or uncovered space?

Having a cover over your space really allows for more useable time throughout the year, no matter the weather conditions. Being able to step out your back door into your outdoor living space is always a plus. 

Sometimes a good balance of covered as well as uncovered patio space is the answer – just ensure you’re investing in a vision that’s going to fit your family’s needs the best.

Do we want a full kitchen space built out or simple grill, bar scenario?

Having the ability and an adequate amount of counter space to grill out during the week or entertain on the weekends, can greatly enhance your outdoor experience. Putting in a side burner, extra storage, or even a fridge can all add to the usability and convenience of the space. You don’t have to go huge, super luxurious, or over the top with it – just build to suit your needs. And most importantly, make it functional for you.

We’d really like a kitchen as well as a fireplace with seating space, but how big of an area do we need?

Fireplaces, fountains, fire pits, and other features to your patio space not only creates interesting destinations but also brings people together enabling you to enjoy the space that much more.

Once you’ve gotten your patio footprint together, it’s always important to balance your hard space with a combination of turf and landscape
areas. Much like the patio itself, landscaping could definitely be a do-it-yourself task, but sometimes design and installation are better left to be thought through by a local professional. We get calls and visit homes on a daily basis where people have put together a space only to find out it’s not large enough. It doesn’t offer the function or privacy they had envisioned, or better yet, they have given their ideas to a “patio builder” who doesn’t necessarily specialize in layout/design. Now, they need to manipulate what they’ve already paid for into something more usable.