Permanent Makeup

It’s an uplifting feeling when you can walk into a room, and everyone stops to marvel at how beautiful you look. Your face has an unmistakable glow. The natural colors in your eyelashes and cheekbones are perfect. You look younger than ever, and perhaps the most inspiring part is that you manage to look that way every single day. Your friends are begging you to share your secret to the fountain of youth. Some may even jokingly accuse you of having a facelift.

The answer is permanent makeup. But the real secret lies in the artist who took pride in restoring your God-given beauty.

Meet Sandi Hammons, celebrity permanent makeup artist and owner of Sandi Hammons Studios in Highland Village. Sandi pioneered the permanent makeup industry more than 30 years ago, quickly becoming the go-to makeup artist and cosmetics specialist for Hollywood stars and pop-culture sensations all over the world. They chose her because she can do things with permanent makeup that you simply can’t do on your own or with conventional makeup — including fixing what less skilled artists did and putting vibrant color between the eyelashes instead of on top. To some, she is a “young Mary Kay Ash,” and she parlayed that notoriety into a successful career as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and mentor to some of the world’s foremost master stylists. And now we have her all to ourselves right here in Denton County.

“Permanent makeup is a wonderful service when done right, and it really is artistry,” Hammons said. “I’m an artist; I understand the chemistry of the products and the colors that go into the skin. There are also so many techniques, so what I like to do is delve into what the client wants and what’s a good fit for the client’s face.”

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She added, “It’s all about looking and feeling more beautiful. And you don’t have to keep recreating that artistry every day.”

There are several reasons why millions of women all over the world choose permanent makeup. The first is convenience. It’s permanent, so the days of buying over-the-counter products that don’t quite do their job and constantly having to reapply makeup are over. You don’t have to worry about smudges and streaking, and it’s also perfect for women who suffer from allergies related to conventional cosmetics. The products that are used with permanent makeup promote balance in your face and features, adding natural fullness and color that complements your skin and hair tones.

Other benefits include disguising flaws and scars on your face, enhancing lip color, and increasing your confidence.

“It’s like buying a painting for your dream home. There’s a great, big fireplace that’s the centerpiece of the room, and you want to put something special there,” Hammons said. “In this case, it’s your face. You want to be happy with the results.”

The key is choosing the right artist. Sadly, Hammons says 90% of what she does is corrective permanent makeup — in other words, fixing what a less skilled practitioner did. There is not enough regulatory oversight over the industry, which makes it more important than ever for women to do their homework and make sure they choose the right professional. Hammons has carefully selected a mini team of five master-level stylists at her studio who specialize in permanent makeup. And she is constantly providing master-level education for cosmetologists and aesthetic artists.

Sandi Hammons Studios, located at 2910 Justin Road in Highland Village, has quickly become the face of luxury beauty services designed to help you look and feel your best. Besides permanent makeup, their services include hair care and nails, hair and lash extensions, aesthetics, brow henna, facial fillers, hair removal, microdermabrasion, and more. The facility is also more of a sanctuary than a typical salon. At more than 10,000 square feet, the facility features an open patio and garden, meeting spaces,
and more.

“We are selective about who we choose to represent our brand,” she said. “Because we inspire mastery, we only lease space to the finest cosmetic professionals in the area — leaving clients with stunning results.”

photos of Sandi Hammons by WHAT’S THAT GUY’S NAME? | Photography by Guy T

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