Power In Kindness

On Tuesday, June 23rd, the Argyle Fire District responded to multiple structure fires in Lantana. Due to an intense lighting storm that hit our area, first responders from several units were called out to assist. It was a busy morning for responding units from Argyle, Justin, Denton, Lake Cities, Flower Mound, Double Oak, and the Denton County Sheriffs Department.

A special thank you to all first responders and to the many residents and local organizations that selflessly took hold of all efforts to help and support the families affected.

The Lantana Ladies League (LLL) and Mission Moms were two prominent groups, along with individual Lantana residents, who jumped right in moments after the fires to be the points of contact for donations — both physical and monetary.

Once informed of the fires and devastation, Kathy Hummell, LLL Vice President, instantly took to social media to inform and inquire about donations for the two families. One of the families lived in Bellaire, and the other in Barrington.

“The community responded really fast, and funds started coming in immediately,” Kathy said. “I was very impressed with the generosity of the community.”

Posting the donation information on 12 different social media pages, Kathy was seeing people reach out to help from within Denton County all the way to Colorado.

“I didn’t know the ladies league had that far of a reach but was very grateful for what we could accomplish for these families,” Kathy said.

Kristine Hallingstad, LLL President, believes the explosion of awareness for the families was truly a neighborhood effort.

“By the time I left one of the homes to get back to my home, after visiting with the family and Mission Moms within those first two hours, well over 100 folks had donated,” Kristine said. “That is phenomenal because these families literally walked out of their homes with nothing from the fires.”

Kristine added, “What we realized was that in times of hardships, people need to be of help as much as they need help. And we very much saw this community want to help put these families back in their homes.”

Within days, the league had reached their monetary donation goal and were able to present the families with money, which helped with any immediate needs. Along with monetary donations, the community helped fill the Harpool Middle School donation site with items the families needed — clothes, food, water, gift cards, and much more.

“For six hours straight, cars came by with loads of donations for the affected families,” said Kathryn Flores, Mission Moms President. “Every time we put out a call for help, our community exceeds our expectations.”

That unfortunate morning brought despair and confusion. But with the help of our first responders and the generosity of the incredible community, the two families are hopeful and beginning to move forward.