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Something To Be Thankful For

We made it! The fall is here, everything smells like Pumpkin Spice, and I could not be more excited. Our Texas summer did not disappoint, but I am very happy we did not encounter two straight months of 100-degree heat.

My family and I closed out the summer by welcoming our twin boys earth side, and we are head over heels in love. Learning how to juggle homeschooling a first-grader, taking care of our home, working, and caring for two newborns has come with some sleepless nights and a lot of tears. But, I am counting my blessings and reminding myself there is so much to be thankful for.

October is a month of awareness for many causes, and one that is near to me is Pregnancy and Infant Loss. Some of you may remember my story, but four years ago my son, Nathanael, passed away after birth. I carried him for 40 weeks and five days with absolutely no medical signs that something was wrong. For me, part of the healing process has been talking about him with friends and family. Telling our story and having people say his name.

If you know someone who has experienced infant loss, stillbirth, miscarriage, or is struggling with infertility, I encourage you to reach out and let them know that while you may not understand you are here for them. This simple gesture can move mountains.

As someone on the other side now of infant loss and with two rainbow babies in my arms, I can say that even through the pain there is so much to be thankful for.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it’s never too early to start counting your blessings. I hope you enjoy this issue. I would love to see fall pictures, pumpkin-carving pictures. Send them my way and you may just see yourself in the next issue!

Stay well, stay kind, and be blessed!

Brooke Ezzo