Stability For Your Children When It Matters Most

Nearly every adult can tell you a story about their days as a kid sitting in the orthodontist chair. Some vividly remember getting braces for the first time. Others recall having the worst smile and how it took everything from expanders to braces and even a headgear to give them the straightest teeth in Argyle. Everyone’s story is different, but the common thread is that the experience was made easy and fun because they had the right orthodontist by their side.

So as they stand in the same office today, this time looking down at their own child as Dr. David Dyer at Argyle Orthodontics goes over the treatment plan he created, they know their family couldn’t be in better hands.

“Many parents have been [in their kids’ shoes] before, and they’re like, ‘Yep, I had the same thing,’” Dr. Dyer said with a laugh. “Others might say, ‘I didn’t need braces until I was 14, so why does my child need them sooner? When you take the time to show them, they understand. One of the most important things we do is early treatment for kids.”

Argyle Orthodontics has been the only true orthodontics office in Argyle for the last 20 years. And while they pride themselves on being a “family” practice, the bulk of their clientele has always been children as young as 6 to student patients in high school and college. Just a few of the schools their patients attend are Argyle, Liberty Christian, Coram Deo Academy, Denton Classical Academy, Classical Conversations, Homeschool, Northlake, and even Denton Guyer.

Dr. Dyer loves how he doesn’t have to look far to find one of his young patients. It could be a kid in the marching band excitedly shouting out, “Hey, Dr. Dyer!” before kickoff of every Friday night football game, a parent he or his wife, Kate, bump into at the grocery store, or those they worship alongside at The Well Church on Sundays.

When you’re the neighborhood orthodontist, there’s no such thing as being anonymous.

Though times have changed because of COVID-19, and so many questions don’t have answers as we move forward, the stability Argyle Orthodontics continues to provide is unmatched. Other than being closed for the six weeks the state of Texas was closed, they have been open and will continue to make themselves available regardless of what the upcoming school year looks like for your child. They know this provides a level of normalcy for patients and their families and allows these children to progress in their treatment.

“We are that point of stability,” Dr. Dyer said. “And in terms of safety, we are doing all we can to create a healthy and safe environment. We do all the extra screenings and temperature checks. We have air purifiers and extra sterilization equipment. I feel, and my staff feels the same way that when we are in our office, we are one of the safest and most infection-free places you can be right now. We want patients to feel that way, too.”

Christy Bruce, whose sons Nathanial and Walker are patients with Dr. Dyer, agreed. The practice is unconditionally trusted and well-liked by Argyle residents who believe they are just as rooted in the community as everyone else.

“Argyle Orthodontics is and has always been a positive presence in our community,” she said. “As we have all been dealing with COVID and all the unknowns, Argyle Orthodontics has remained positive and supportive to each and every one of their patients. Both of our sons are being treated by them, and we know we couldn’t be in better hands — not only for the exceptional care for their teeth but also for their overall well-being.”

West Armstrong, a young patient of Dr. Dyer’s, agreed.

“My first appointment, I was scared going in and didn’t know what to do. Dr. Dyer helped me with everything, from where the toothbrushes are, and where I needed to sit,” he said. “Dr. Dyer led me through everything he was about to do. Dr. Dyer is the best orthodontist that I know, and the kindest orthodontist I know.”

Dr. Dyer and Kate are Argyle residents and have been happily married for 17 years. Together they have their 10-year-old son, Joshua, and nearly 2-year-old daughter, Sophia. Argyle Orthodontics treats a variety of routine and complex cases, including everything from braces and Invisalign® options for children and adults, early interceptive treatment, and TMJ diagnosis to teeth whitening and advanced surgical care.

“When parents bring their children in for evaluations at an earlier age, sometimes we just monitor them and don’t need to do anything,” Dr. Dyer said. “But many kids [just like their parents did] have things that, if we catch early enough, can be fixed while also getting them on an ideal growth trajectory. We help open airways, improve jaw development, develop faces, and make room for permanent teeth to come in that normally wouldn’t have room. It’s so much more than just helping with straight teeth.”

Dr. Dyer added, “Family always comes first at Argyle Orthodontics. We want to take care of you.”

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