The Goddard Difference Continues To Be A Way Of Life For Lake Cities Students

It was June 2019, and the Goddard School of Corinth had only been open for a few weeks. But by that point, it was clear owner Elizabeth Aune and her staff were setting a new standard for education in Lake Cities. Naturally, that trendsetting mindset carried over into how they approached health and safety for every smiling child who sat in their classrooms.

That all-encompassing approach — known as ‘The Goddard Difference’ — continues to serve families who put their trust in the school every day, as they’ve managed to educate uninterrupted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve been able to stay open thanks to our very rigorous health and safety measures,” Elizabeth said. “We continue to find other ways to add additional layers of protection, and we’ve also taken the time to further develop programs or activities to help our children cope with disruptions.”

She added, “Our children need to get back to normalcy and building on cognitive development and social interactions.”

Goddard’s safety measures are numerous, including a four-stage state-of-the-art sanitizing process. Temperature checks are administered in the front lobby, where they also do drop-offs and pick-ups. They invested in a sanitizing machine with UV light to clean and protect anything a child or teacher comes into contact with, including blankets, chairs, books, and other materials. A separate company comes out and sprays an anti-microbial agent on all surfaces.

“One of the main issues that came to light during our COVID crisis is the importance and need for high-quality childcare,” Elizabeth said. “Our school was able to stay open and support our families by following stringent health and safety guidelines. The close and trustful partnership between the school and the parents enabled the school to meet the needs of the children and family and provide some sense of normalcy in a very chaotic world.”

The Goddard School is an early childhood learning center for kids as young as 6 weeks old to 6 years old. Their proprietary program consists of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) fueled by a play-based curriculum where children are encouraged to discover their interests through play. This unique learning style works because it grabs a child’s attention, caters to their individual needs, and encourages them to embrace education.

“Every child is unique, and we embrace that in the way we teach,” Elizabeth said. “It’s such an amazing place. I look forward to every family getting this magical experience at The Goddard School of Corinth.”

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