The Three G’s Of The Holidays

Gobby, Grateful & Giving

Thanksgiving is next week, and I cannot contain my excitement. I have been burning pumpkin candles since early September, and our Christmas lights are out waiting to be put up.

Each year, my husband’s family gets together for a huge Thanksgiving feast. We eat, we play games, and we celebrate fall birthdays. I usually bring some type of easily prepared dessert, and there is a huge turkey, a Honey Baked Ham, the best macaroni and cheese, stuffing, cranberry sauce, chicken nuggets for the kids, and every side dish you could imagine. We gobble till we wobble, no doubt.

My favorite part of the night is right before we eat. We all gather in a circle, a very large circle, hold hands and say a blessing over our food. Then, we go around, and we each get a chance to say how the current year has blessed us. I am sure this year’s circle will sound a little different than previous years. With the ups and downs brought on by the pandemic, much needed humility has been brought to our family Whether it was job security, loss of income, or staying in good health, our eyes have been opened to how grateful we should be every day — not just during the holidays. What are you grateful for this year? And, how do you plan on giving thanks? We would love to know about your Thanksgiving traditions. Email us photos, recipes, game ideas, holiday volunteer opportunities, and your Christmas cards!

This year has been a roller coaster for sure, but 2020 has been a blessing for us at Murray Media. The 35 West magazine premiered, and the community has been incredibly supportive. We want to continue giving back by telling your story! We hope you enjoy this month’s issue!

Stay well, stay kind, and be blessed!

Brooke Ezzo