Your Oral Surgeon For Every Facial Emergency

As a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. John Shillingburg has heard it repeatedly where patients will come in with jaw pain and say, “I think I have TMJ.” In reality, everyone has TMJ, or a jaw joint — two to be exact. The correct terminology is Temporamandibular Disorer, or TMD, which can range from mild discomfort to headaches and severe popping and clicking in the jaw that makes it difficult for someone to open their mouth or even chew certain foods.

Regardless of the confusion between TMJ and TMD, those patients have come to the right place. The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is one of the most complex joints in the body, and if you’re experiencing any pain in this area, Dr. Shillingburg and his team at DFW Oral Surgeons in Flower Mound want to help.

“I always tell patients that I’d prefer to see them first for a thorough evaluation,” Dr. Shillingburg said. “If there are no major abnormalities or anything like that, then your TMD can be managed conservatively. The goal of the treatment is not to eradicate someone’s pain. It’s to help someone know what the triggers are and take their pain from a six or a seven to a one or a two. If someone tells you, ‘I’m going to completely get rid of your TMD,’ then that’s someone you need to avoid.”

You don’t have to worry about anything with Dr. Shillingburg. He is trained and credentialed in dentoalveolar surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, implant surgery, orthognathic surgery, facial reconstructive oral surgery, and dental anesthesiology. This allows him to treat everything from a simple tooth extraction to replacing every tooth in a patient’s mouth.

A quick visit to DFW Oral for your TMD symptoms includes a CT scan, MRI, other X-rays, and a thorough evaluation to rule out tumors or anything else that would necessitate surgical intervention. If none of those issues exist, Dr. Shillingburg has close relationships with dentists in the area who can get you fitted with a professionally made TMJ night guard.

“Patients will work with the dentist in a conservative manner,” Dr. Shillingburg said. “In rare cases where their symptoms do not improve, the patient would come back to me. Depending on their situation, we would look at other options, including a joint flush out or a total joint replacement in extremely rare instances.”

Dr. Shillingburg’s facility is a true outpatient surgery center capable of treating any mouth and jaw condition. When you have an emergency, there’s no reason to go anywhere else because DFW Oral Surgeons is equipped for it all.

Dr. Shillingburg is proud to serve the residents in and around Argyle, Bartonville, Highland Village, Lantana, Double Oak, South Denton, Denton County, and surrounding areas.

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