Your Work From Home Organization Specialists

When the coronavirus hit in March, and you and your family were forced to work and learn from home, you knew whatever makeshift workspace you had wasn’t going to cut it longterm. But your family made do — an office for mom and dad at the dining room table, a fold-out table in the hallway for the kids, a quiet nook area with a lamp in a walk-in closet for anyone who needed some quiet time — and said it was only temporary.

Eight months later, what was supposed to be temporary now looks permanent. Clearly, something needs to change.

Jay and Lisa Hemby with Closets by Design have been regarded for years as your home organization specialists. And while much of what they do still involves solutions for closets, pantries, and even garage makeovers, their design team has been asked quite a bit lately to flex their creative muscles in another space: home workstations. Rather than a makeshift setup that leaves a lot to be desired, more and more families are having closets, bonus rooms, bedrooms, and smaller offices professionally outfitted with permanent workstations that are designed and customized to look like they came with the house.

These are complete with desks, drawers, filing systems, cabinetry, and anything else you can think of to make work and school life more organized, efficient, and manageable for everyone in the home.

“This is a new gear for us, and boy have we been busy,” Jay said. “We’ve done bonus rooms that were previously a free-for-all room, and now there’s a quiet place away from the bedroom for the kids to do their school work. We’ve converted ‘moms’ desks’ that were maybe just a counter and a drawer for some pencils into an area with drawers for filing, cabinets, and even a new cut-out area for a printer. Some homes have little nooks — we’ve put workstations in those, too. Other homes have offices that are only set up for one person. We’ve come in and added additional workstations.”

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Lisa agreed, saying the ideas brought to life have been impressive, to say the least.

“I recently saw an entertainment station/workstation combo in one home, and it was really neat to see. It’s all about creativity right now,” Lisa said. “And it’s a fun time for our designers because they can really think outside the box.”

The fact that people are calling Closets by Design for these solutions and more is not surprising. Closets By Design specializes in designing and remodeling attractive storage spaces for any area of your home, including everything from that packed closet in the master bedroom to home offices, kitchen pantries, and garages. They have over 60 employees, including a full-service design team that will measure your space and offer a myriad of custom options as if their showroom was right in your home. They also have a large fleet of installation vans that allow them to service all of
DFW better and faster than anyone in the industry.

Their vast collection of floor-based organizing options such as shelves, drawers, cabinets, dividers, lighting, desks, custom finishings, and more look like they were an original part of your home once installed.

“When we go meet with someone, they already have a need. And, obviously, closets are the lion’s share of what we do,” Jay said. “What most people have is a builder-grade closet with a single rod and a shelf above it. It’s useable, but over time, everything starts piling up because you don’t have shelves or drawers. Before you know it, your closet is a disaster. We will come in and redesign that space to optimize storage capacity and help people get organized.”

Lisa says that ever since they purchased the 20-year-old company in April of 2019 from another husband-wife team, they’ve been addicted to getting their home totally organized.

“You put our system in your home, and it’s amazing how much more organized it makes you,” she said.

The Hembys said their business never slowed down during the pandemic and attributed it to families who weren’t going on vacation during the summer months and were suddenly taking a harder look at updating their homes. As the school year approached, the requests for office and e-learning solutions skyrocketed.

“The temporary work-from-home person has become the permanent work-from-home person. Plenty of kids are still going to school online, and that necessitates a quieter space in the home for them,” Jay said. “We want to help those people function at a higher level.”

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